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11 settembre 2006
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    Jomhod Kiatadisak "The King Of The Ring"


Jomhod Kiatadisak "The King Of The Ring"

Jomhod Kiatadisak "The King Of The Ring" Interview 2006

Saturday 19th August, London. The King is coming.....


Jomhod Kiatidisak - rightly known as the "King Of the Ring" he has won more titles than any other Thai ever. With 248 fights and 222 wins, he is one fo few Thais to be hold 3 Lumpini/Rajadanerm stadium titles all at the same time. He smashed Ramon Dekkers in his prime and in his whole fight career he has only lost twice outside Thailand and one of those was out of his weight class with no elbows. Jomhod is a walking Thai legend who is still fighting at the very top level.

And guess what? On Saturday 19th August he is coming to London. For his last fight ever.

Muaythai Online got the chance to exclusively talk to Jomhod about the upcoming fight, how training is going and his fight career as a whole.

MTO: What made you start fighting?
Jomhod: All boys in my village did it. I started when I was 7 years old.

MTO: How old were you when you had your first fight?
Jomhod: Iw as 11 years old and it took place in the countryside, straight in under professional rules.

MTO: And when you had your first fight in Bangkok?
Jomhod: I was 17 years old when I first fought there in the big stadiums.

MTO: When was your first title fight?
Jomhod: It was when I was 18 years old and was for something called the Portai Cup.

MTO: And what about your first stadium title fight?
Jomhod: I won the Lumpini Lightwelterweight title (63.5 kilos) at the age of 18.

MTO: How long did you hold it for? When did you lose it?
Jomhod: I never lost it fighting. I successfully defended it 3 times and then I lost the belt when I went up in weight as I got older.

MTO: What about the Rajdamnern Stadium title?
Jomhod: I won that when I was 19 and held both the Rajdamnern Stadium title and the Lumpini Stadium title at the same time. I was champion of both at 63.5 kilos and also champion of Rajadamnern at 67 kilos - all at the same time.

MTO: Which was better Lumpini or Rajdamnern?
Jomhod: I preferred Lumpini as they gave me the harder opponents.

MTO: Who was your promoter at Lumpini?
Jomhod: Tunkeapet and I fought out of Dead Rat Gym.

MTO: When was your first fight abroad?
Jomhod: When I was 17 I fought an American, he wasn't well known, but I won by KO in round 3 stopping him with a knee to the stomach.

MTO: You then fought and moved to Finland in 1996?
Jomhod: Yes I fought Eval Denton from England, beating him. It was with no eblows though.

MTO: Why Finland?
Jomhod: I met 2 Finnish guys, the Mustonen brothers who asked me to come over to bring their muaythai up to a level near Thailand and teach for them and do some seminars. I then met a Finnish girl and got married. Hence ended up staying.

MTO: When was your first in England?
Jomhod: It was against Kash Gill and I had an easy win on points

MTO: You fought again in England after that?
Jomhod: Yes I fought Tim Izli from London and knocked him out in the fourth round.

MTO: What was it like fighting Ramon Dekkers?
Jomhod: Easy, Ramon was scared and running away a lot.

MTO: What has been your hardest ever fight?
Jomhod: I think it must be the first time I fought for the welterweight tile in Rajadamnern. It was against Vichan Chorrotchai the defending champion and a real war.

MTO: And your favourit fight
Jomhod: Against Chris Vanvenrooy, I really liked the WPKL belt.

MTO: What do you think has been your biggest achievement?
Jomhod: When I won the Champions League Final against Sakmongkol, it was an 8 man tournament with 40,000 euros for the winner and I was the winner. Sakmongkol hurt his shoulder. I have heard the rumour about us fixing the final and it is simply not true.

MTO: Who is the best foreigner that you have fought?
Jomhod: Ivan Hippolyte. We have fought twice winning one each

MTO: What other foreigners have you lost to?
Jomhod: The only other is Sahin "Kaas" Yakut. That was in afinal of a 75 kilo tournament though. There were no elbows and I fought twice that night at 75 kilos which was way too big for me Many thought the decision should have gone the other way. It went to an extra round and at the end they gave it to Kass though I thought I beat him with knees that round.
Other than in that tournament and against Hippolyte I have never lost to a non-Thai.

MTO: What about your fight with Buakao?
Jomhod: I was not well prepared. I knew about the fight but took too a long holiday for Christmas and in the fight he caught me with two hard body shots.

MTO: How do you feel about the fight with Wakeling?
Jomhod: Wakeling is not very experienced with only 22 fights. (Kaas has had over 80 fights). I'm not sure how the fight will go but I am predicting I will win from my experience.

MTO: Where are you training now?
Jomhod: I am back in Thailand now and have been fight training hard for the fight since May in Thailand.

MTO: Who is the best foreigner that you have fought?
Jomhod: Ivan Hippolyte. We have fought twice winning one each

MTO: How many belts do you have?
Jomhod: I tink it's 18. 2 kickboxing titles and 16 muaythai titles

MTO: And what is your record now?
Jomhod: 248 fights 222 wins 3 draws and 23 losses.

MTO:What is yoru favourite country to fight in outside Thailand?
Jomhod: I liked Italy I had a lot of fans there.

MTO: What big name Thais have you beaten?
Jomhod: some that are well known internationally are Sakmongkol, Wichan and Nokweed Davy. Though in Thailand I of course fought everyone that was the best being champion of 2 stadiums.

MTO: Have you anything you want to say to the people in England?
Jomhod: Yes. I have lost my last 2 fights. I am very hungry for this fight and training harder than ever. I am going to show everyone that might doubt it that I am still at the top level. It is my last ever fight - I am not coming to London to lose!

Jomhod and Samkor training for August 19th

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