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4 ottobre 2006
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Sukfairtex promotions 19-9-2006

Docmaipaa Wor Sangprapai vs Kanongsuk Fairtex

Kanongsuk was in a destructive mood from the off in this fight, firing in heavy low kicks and punches. Docmaipaa tried his best to stem the tide of attacks and landed with some solid bodykicks, which slowed up Kanongsuk a little. In round 3 Kanongsuk landed with a heavy roundkick to the jaw of Docmaipaa, who dropped to the canvas, the Referee started a count, but Docmaipaa was in no fit state to continue.

Supachailek Sitkomson vs Srikrung Romsrithong

Supachailek proved to be too tall and strong for Srikrung in this fight, outscoring him with hard roundkicks and controlling the clinch action to win on points.

Pokkaew Sitjafuang vs Captainkane Narupai

Captainkane hadn't been seen in the Lumpini ring for a while and was looking to get his career back on track with a good win in this fight. He started well and landed with some sharp punches and kicks, but as the fight progressed Pokkaew took over with some strong clinch and knee work and took the fight on points.

Manasak Narupai vs Kompayak Fairtex

It was a close, tit for tat, technical battle in the first two rounds of the main event. Gradually Manasak took over and over powered Kompayak, with strong punches and kicks to win on points.

Sukkiatsingnoi promotions 21-9-2006

Dang Sitnungubon vs Jaroenthong Sor Nagae

Both fighters seemed a little reluctant to come forward and really open up in this fight. Dang looked like he could have taken the fight if he went forward more, but he was too hesitant and Jaroenthong landed with some strong knees to take the fight on points.

Linglom Tor Chalermchai vs Yodprapsuk Por Kumpai

Yodprapsuk looked to keep away from Linglom's dangerous punch attacks in the early rounds and score with kicks and knees. Linglom took his time to get going, but exploded into life in the 4th and hammered Yodprapsuk with hard punches along the ropes. Before knocking him out with a hard straight punch.

Sukjaomuaythai 23-9-2006

Wanchalerm Wor Rungthawee vs Kantipong Tor Pitakkonkarn

Kantipong showed great spirit in this fight after getting his nose broken in the 2nd round by a vicious elbow from Wanchalerm. Kantipong came out firing though in the 3rd and opened up with hard elbows and punches before knocking Wanchalerm out with a hard straight punch.

Ratanasak Wor Walapon vs Khunsuk Sitkriengkrai

Khunsuk started the fight at an incredible pace, firing in hard elbows and knees at Ratanasak and keeping him under constant pressure. Ratanasak did well to soak up the attacks of Khunsuk and by the 4th round Khunsuk had run out of steam allowing Ratanasak to take over and cruise to a points win.

Sukratchadamnernchujaroen Thai T.V 24-92006

Komkaew Sitromsai vs Isarntai SitOr

Isarntai fought well for the first three rounds, landing with good knees and kicks. Komkaew came on strong in the 3rd though and started to hurt Isarntai with punches. Komkaew dominated the final two rounds to win on points

Lamsongkram Chuwattana vs Wehas Rachanon

It was a fairly slow opening round in the main event between two of the largest Thai's in the sport. In round two Lamsongkram stepped in with a sharp, hard elbow that knocked out Wehas and opened a cut on his jaw at the same time.

Weekly Report by ROB COX

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