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25 ottobre 2006
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Invito in thailandia

Dear Mr. Osti Gianmarco,

Please allow us to introduce our stadium and our gym. We shall give
you a session free Muaythai training.

Bangkok Boxing Stadium
OneSongchai Institute of Muaythai
Muaythai, Thai Heritage, World Heritage
OneSongchai, Moral, and Integrity

Throughout his career in which he began as a professional Muaythai
boxer, Mr. Songchai Ratanasuban, also known as the "Golden Hand" or
"Diamond Brain Promoter", is a Muaythai emblem. "Muaythai is my life,
and my life is Muaythai", says Mr. Songchai. Mr. Songchai has
provided uncountable contributions to his nation and is well-known in
the boxing circle. He is Thailand's No.1 promoter now and gradually
passes more responsibility to his heirs; 'Little Songchai' Pariyakorn
Ratanasuban and 'Songchai Junior' Siraphop Ratanasuban. One of his
unfinished commitments is to establish Bangkok Boxing Stadium, a new
standard in boxing; an alternative venue concerned with the art of
Muaythai that is both a science and an art of fighting and self-
defense. It will be a brave new world for Muaythai and a new history
for the Muaythai spirit advancing towards the next generation.

Bangkok Boxing Stadium will include air conditioning and audio-visual
equipment to provide authentic Muaythai for Thai and foreign boxing
enthusiasts. There will be exclusive tour de force Thai-Foreign
matches with Muaythai and standard boxing championships featuring
both male and female fights for families and tourists. OneSongchai
Institute of Muaythai will teach Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu(BJJ), Muaythai
and Boxing courses that enable ones to lose one's weights, fitness,
self-defense, and to professional level. The first opening promotion
is on Saturday October 28, 2006 at 14:30 pm. The stadium will promote
Muaythai once a week for Saturday from 14:30 pm.-5 pm. And 18 pm.- 22

Office: (66) 02 618 5314 to 6
Fax : (66) 02 271 3981, (66) 02 6185313

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