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martedi 13 giugno 2006
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    Iftimoaie vince e convince by Franz haller


Iftimoaie vince e convince by F.Haller


Iftimoaie goes for a 1-2
and a body shot. Gur fires back at the next with
jab and lowkick,
Iftimoaie presses, Gur clinches. Wild overhand by Iftimoaie
same by
Gur, then Gur with a knee, but Iftimoaie's pressure makes difficult
adjust a clean strike. Gur with a highkick, Iftimoaie blocks. Then
Iftimoaie again for the body shots, Gur with the knees, he is cautioned
double kneeing.

At the next assault Iftimoaie throws a wild
overhand on Gur's step forward
and Gur is hit right on the top of his
head, which was fortunate cause it
didn't cause harm, then they go for
the clinch, Gur tries again (and does
not manage) to sneak the knee.

Iftimoaie comes with wild swings, Gur again with kness, neither
Then Iftimoaie pressures, Gur tries to stop him with a
highkick. Gur with a
wild overhand, Iftimoaie with the same, again not
connecting either. Gur
again with the highkick, Iftimoaie keeps
pressuring, they clinch, Iftimoaie
tries bodyshots (no room), then Gur
with a jumping knee (missing) when they
are split.

Iftimoaie keeps
pressure, Gur stops him with a mid- then a high left kick.
tenacious for the bodyshots. Big pressure, Gur looks for the first
a bit gassed, they clinch. Gur with midkick, then Iftimoaie quite
misses a lowkick. Remarcable scarce kicking by Iftimoaie, but it proves
efficient tactic for Gur, who is offbalanced or has distance spoiled
very instant he lifts a leg. Then they go again wild, Iftimoaie
with a
flurry of 3 punches and a knee, Gur with a knee. End of a pretty
even round.

R II Gur allover Iftimoaie for the beggining, but
Iftimoaie relies on solid
defensive and keeps spoiling distance and
balance. Gur hits (with no
consistent reply by Iftimoaie for quite half
the round), it looks like if
Iftimoaie doesn't do something he risks in
any event to be outpointed. Gur
throws 1-2 and knee, then legkick,
Iftimoaie misses backfiring with legkick
and body shots. Gur with
midkickm, then clinch, then knees, Iftimoaie
missing an overhand. Gur
stubborn with knees, direct and circular, Iftimoaie
trying bodyshots.
Gur with his classic 1-wild overhand-left midkick.
Iftimoaie with wild
shots to the body again. It turns hot, Gur makes a
slight mistake of
guard composure under pressure and of a sudden Iftimoaie
places a
rocket high rear upper to the chin after Gur was longstandingly
into defending only flanks from body shots. Gur is rocked, Iftimoaie
throws a wild serie of punches allover. Gur escapes, but Iftimoaie
nails him
again. End of round, Iftimoaie bleeding slightly from a small
Quite a copy of the second, like a shorter lazy
start by Iftimoaie. Gur with
knees and highkicks, then his overhand
(missing), Iftimoaie back with his
own overhand right, then Gur with
knees. Then Iftimoaie pressuring and goes
with inside legkick and
punches. Gur evades and again seems to lose pace
(earlier than in the 2-
nd). Misses a knee, Iftimoaie again for the bodyshots
Then he comes
with a wild overhand, and again with a lowkick and a flurry
of punches.
Gur misses a knee and a highkick. Iftimoaie with a hooked upper
to the
head, thren a right upper to the chin and Gur eats it and goes again
the ropes under a savage attack, weathering the storm. Clinch. They
again in close distance, it looks really brutal. Iftimoaie
pressures with
wild swings, now missing. But then he finds again
distance, comes with body
shots, then with a huge overhand, Gur is
almost spinning around and looks
hurt. End of round. Very hard, very
brutally fought and quite a good edge
for Iftimoaie.

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