lunedi 7 ottobre 2005
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    Petrosyan "Gladiatori di Gorizia Spazia in europa e rifila dei KO !!!!!"Peccato non vederlo in italy


Villebon's event results Part 2 di Muay-Thai

Villebon's event results Part 2
By vdao , 28/10/2005
Here the second part of the results of the event of the October 22nd in Villebon. The fights presented are: Benhadj-Brou, Benfkih-Petrosyan, Totoff-Pinca and Kaponglek-Khider. These engagements are for the main part oppositions of style for the last quoted or opposition of generation.

The fifth fight of the evening opposes in less than 71 kg Mohammed BROU (RMB Boxing de Saint Ouen, right) to Yassine BENHADJ (Fimeu Gym). As the bell rings, Yassine seized the Tei Lam Toa (middle) of Brou and makes im fall with a Tei Khaa (low kick). In the first clinch, Yassine strikes twice with knees then projects Mohammed. Both NAK Muay are carefull for the moment, trying to mark points with Tei Lam Toa (middle).
In the second round, standing well on his supports Yassine seems more aggressive with his fists. He seized Tei Lam Toa of Mohammed then makes him fall with a straight right. At exit of clinch, Benhadj sends several hooks which are blocked. Brou strikes in Tei Lam Toa then connects with Tei Khaa which makes fall his opponent. The guy from Fimeu Gym varies well the blows of fists (hooks, direct and uppercuts) in order to find the opening.
In the following round, Yassine continues to go forward and strike with his fists. In clinch, he places his knees.
The fourth round sets out again on the same scheme, Yassine seeking the opening and Brou trying to mark points with his middle. The clinch is always at the advantage of Benhadj. This last touches on several occasions with his straight left and his right hook. A sequence of hooks pushes the referee to count Brou. The second acceleration of Yassine with the fists brings the second account and the stop of the fight. Yassine Benhadj thus gains this fight by TKO in the fourth round.
In the cloakroom, the winner affirms: "It was known that Mohammed Brou has undergoes several KO before and that he hadn't boxed for approximately 2 years. Thus I wanted to shorten the combat and I wouldn't have. I would have fight as usual without seeking the KO. But I wanted to shorten the combat with my fists, it arrived at the fourth round, it's well." Yassine will be back on the ring on November 19 in Padoue for an international tournament where will also be present Kaponglek.


In less than 66 kg, Gevorg PETROSYAN (Arménia, left) is opposed to Tarik BENFKIH (Mée sur Seine, France). This fight opposes Andre Zeitoun's sutdent to a left-handed Nak Muay who starts to be aknowledged in Europe level in particular in Italy where he beat Olivier Tchétché this summer.
At the beginning of the fight, both NAK Muay are observing, standing on their supports facing each other. It is Tarik who strikes first with Tei Lam Toa (middle) and his fists. He is very close to seize the attempts of Tei Khaa (low kicks) and Tei Lam Toa of Gevorg. When he can seize the Tei Lam Toa, Tarik does not manage to make Gevorg fall with his Tei Khaa and when hi seizes the following, it's Petrosyan who strikes with his straight. Then he touches with straight left.
The second round starts with sterile clinches. Then the Armenian places powerful Tei Khaa which makes fall his opponent. Gevorg is more incisive touching much more with his fists and his Tei Lam Toa. Tarik reacts with its fists and some Tei Lam Toa. Touched by an elbow, Tarik bleeds of the nose. As the third round starts, Petrosyan places a left leg Tei Khan Kro which leads the referee to stop the fight.
Gevorg Petrosyan wins referee's stop in the third round.
This last entrusts: "I thought that the fight would be much more difficult, but after the first round, I realized that that was going well to occur. My oppoent awaited me on the low kicks before I go up with the uppercut, therefore I changed strategy to surprise him. I am satisfied with my first fight in France and I quickly hope to be back."

The following fight opposes in less than 63 kg TOTOFF (Haute Tension, left) to Fabio PINCA (Saint Fons).
This fight begins calmly with exchanges of Tei Khaa (low kicks). The majority of Tei Lam Toa (middle) of Fabio are seized by Totoff who binds with a Tei Khaa which makes Fabio fall. Pinca carries a sequence left-right-Tei Lam Toa.
In the second round, Totoff continues to seize Tei Lam Toa of Fabio and place a beautiful sequence left-hook to the body-Tei Khaa. Then he brings his adversary in the corner striking with his fists. Despite everything Fabio keeps his characteristic offensive style while advancing and striking with his fists and in Tei Khaa. In the following round, Totoff connects the hooks which are well blocked by Fabio. In clinch, it's Pinca which is most active with his knees. And he touches much more with his Tei Khaa and his Tei Lam Toa.
In the fourth round, following a blocking of Pinca, Totoff seems to have a a problem at the knee. Pinca places Tei Khaa which makes fall his adversary. It is the "war", both NAK Muay exchange the blows and carrying good sequence fist-feet and lauches the elbows.
In the last round, Fabio who seems fresher varies well the strikes on all the body with the legs whereas the answers of Totoff are mainly blocked. This last touches with a left hook. Fabio varies the sequence left-right-Tei Khaa or direct knee. Then an elbow opens the forehead of Totoff who continues to strike with his fists and sends Tei Khan Kro (high kick). At the end of the fight, Fabio Pinca is declared victorious at the majority of the judges.
Inevitably delighted to have beaten such a name of the discipline, Fabio declares: "that given pleasure, I had prepared for that. I always take time to start : in the first round I let pass to see how that occurs then after I work as I can. As he seized much my legs at the beginning of the fight I started to make tricks before striking. In the last round, I thought of having the advantage but I continued my boxing. I think that he wanted to put me KO in this round.”

The main fight of this event opposes KAPONGLEK (Thailand) to Farid KHIDER (Bagnolet) in less than 71 kg. This fight is an opposition of style between Farid who is righty and practise several boxes and Kaponglek, pure lefty NAK Muay.
The first round starts on a slow pace which goes well to the Thai. Farid is more active with his side-kick on the thighs and touches with a uppercut. Kaponglek reacts timidly with Tei Lam Toa (middle).
The second round is disputed on a higher pace. Kaponglek strikes with Tei Khaa (low kick) and goes forward, seeking the opening with his elbows. But Farid awaits him and touches thanks to his fists (mainly into direct and hooks which it connects well) and with Tips (face kick). In the Thai touches with his knees whereas Khider seeks to immobilize it. The guard of Kaponglek being rather low, the hooks of Khider often hits.
In the following round, Kaponglek then launches much more his left leg Tei Lam Toa as Khider sets out again with side-kicks. But the French seems tired compared to his opponent. In clinch, the Thai is increasingly more effective with his knees. The French makes an acceleration with his fists which causes a nasal bleeding for Kaponglek. Wanting to benefit from the situation Farid continues to strike to the face with his fists. But this wound seems to have boosted the Thai who after having sought the clinch touches with a right hook and goes forward while striking with his legs.
In the fourth round, Kaponglek advances whereas Farid turns. The Thai lauches the elbows (of which two back elbows touch) and strikes with Tei Lam Toa (middle) to which Farid answer by Tip (front kick) and fists. More offensive and more sharp Kaponglek touches with direct knee, with his fists and his legs.
In the last round, we have an opposition of style between Khider which fights in counter attack with his fists whereas Kaponglek advances while striking with his legs. Following two clinches, the French is throwing on the ground. Then this last tries a blow of back elbow followed of by a straight fist whereas the Thai tries a flying knee. The two men give everything in this end of fine combat : Tip followed by fists for Khider and powerful low kicks for Kaponglek.
At the end of the fight, the two men show a beautiful fair play greeting together the public. Kaponglek is declared victorious by the majority of the judges. After the fight Khider declares "as said Coubertin, most significant is to take part. I will fight other opponents for other victories. "
On his side, the smiling Thai underlines: "the fight was difficult because he moved a lot. But I was warned of that. Thus I let him do at the beginning to analyze and adapted me. From the third round, Farid started to be tire so I benefitted from it to accelerate."

So that’s how end the event of Villebon. We will see soon these NAK Muay on a ring and Ali Ouagueni gives you appointment for his next official reception in January 2006.



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