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Sanchai Sor Kingstar Interview August 2005
Iby Rob Cox

Sanchai Sor Kingstar is widely regarded to be the most talented Muaythai fighter in Thailand today. With lightening fast reflexes and incredible skills, Sanchai rarely gets the opportunity to fight without having to give his opponent a weight advantage, if he does get to fight at a higher weight it is usually a weight division or two above his best weight.

Hailing from Mahasarakham province in Northeast Thailand, Sanchai started out in his Muaythai career at the tender age of 8 and quickly made a name for himself winning several Northeast Thailand championship titles. Sanchai was taken under the wing of former Muaythai star Somrak Khamsing and went to train and fight in Bangkok under Sukonesongchai promotions where he got his chance to shin against some of the best boxers in the game. Sanchai shone under Somrak’s guidance and Sukonesongchai’s promotional prowess. Winning the Lumphini title at 115 pounds from Nungsiam Fairtex and then the 118 pound title from Ponpitak Petchudomchai. Sanchai lost the 118 pound title to Nungubon Sitlertchai, but promptly won it back in his very next fight. In 1999 Sanchai got the vote from the Sportswriter’s of Thailand as their fighter of the year. Now aged 25 Sanchai is still very much at the top of his game. After switching promoters and now fighting under the Sukpetchyindee banner, Sanchai has also got the prospect of more fights lined up. His next fight was scheduled to be against Kongpipop Petchyindee on the 16th of August with Sanchai giving up a five pound weight advantage to Kongpipop. Unfortunately Kongpipop had to pull out, but this fight is now rescheduled for the 6th of September.

Muaythai Online managed to catch up with Sanchai recently during his preparation for Kongpipop and ask him a few questions.

MTO: How and why did you get into the sport?
Sanchai: Through watching one of the older kids in my village. I loved to watch him fight and couldn't wait to get in the ring myself.

MTO: How many fights have you had now and what is your record?
Sanchai: too many to remember I'm afraid but I would say over 200 fights.
MTO: What's your favourite style of fighter to come up against.
Sanchai: I like to fight boxers with the same style as mine, technical fighters.

MTO: O.k, what is your least favourite style to come up against then?
Sanchai: I don't opponents that are taller and strong in the clinch.

MTO: Who has been your toughest opponent so far in your career?
Sanchai: Thongchai Tor Silachai

MTO: Who has been your most common opponent?
Sanchai: NongB Kiatyongyuth with 5 fights 4 wins and one loss and Attachai Por Samranchai also with 5 fights with 4 wins and one draw.

MTO: Attachai now trains alongside you here, how does that feel?
Sanchai: It’s no problem we became good friends outside of the ring already.

MTO: Have you made any other friendships with former opponents?
Sanchai: yes I'm good friends with Isorasak Jor Rachadakhon and also with Khunpinit Kiattawan.

MTO: Do you have anyone fighter that you have looked up to ad has inspired you in your career?
Sanchai: Yes Somrak Khamsing my manager

MTO: How long have you been managed by Somrak?
Sanchai: Since I first came to Bangkok to fight

MTO: Who would you most like to fight right now?
Sanchai: I don't really care who is in front of me to be honest, I just want the chance to fight regularly.

MTO: Would you like the chance to fight overseas?
Sanchai: yes I've never fought abroad and would love to get an opportunity to do so

MTO: What fights stick out in your mind for you as some of your best fights?
Sanchai: one of the fights with NongB which had a 800,000 baht side bet on it and my last fight against Singdam, in which I only trained properly for 3 days before, due to a leg injury I struggled with before hand.

MTO: What’s the best tip you have received from the gamblers post fight?
Sanchai: 30,000 baht when I beat Rambojew

MTO: You have switched promoters and are fighting under Sukpetchyindee promotions now, how is that going?
Sanchai: It’s going good, they have promised me regular fights which is what I want

MTO: How do you feel about having to give up 5 pounds in weight to Kongpipop for your next fight.
Sanchai: the difference between us doesn't really bother me, just the making the weight of 124 pounds. It’s hard to make the weight now due to it being the rainy season

MTO: What would you say was your best fight weight?
Sanchai: 125 pounds

MTO: How long do you see yourself continuing to fight for?
Sanchai: For as long as I can and as long as I have opponents. .As a technical fighter my body hasn't taken too much damage so I feel I have few more years left in the sport.

MTO: Do you train specifically to match your opponent and study them before, or just train the same for every fight?
Sanchai: we will always work on ways to beat the opponents style beforehand. For example in my last fight with Singdam we worked on coming in low in the clinch and locking my arms around his waist, after losing out the first time we fought by trying to clinch around his neck.

MTO: You had a spell fighting under international boxing rules, how was that?
Sanchai: to be honest I didn't enjoy it too much

MTO: What was your record under these rules?
Sanchai: I had 5 fights and 5 wins and won the P.A.B.A 126 pound championship belt

MTO: Would you consider going back to fight under these rules?
Sanchai: Yes definitely, but it would depend very much on who the promoter was and how much money was on offer.

MTO: After you finally hang up your gloves and retire from boxing, what do you see yourself doing in the future?
Sanchai: I'm not really sure to be honest, I'm just concentrating right now on fighting as much as I can and saving as much money as I can for the future.

MTO: What about your family do they support you and come and see you fight?
Sanchai:My father sometimes comes and watches, he drives a taxi in Bangkok and will come and watch some of the big fights. My Mother doesn't come much though and lives back in Mahasarakham. I also have a younger sister.

MTO: Are you married yet?
Sanchai: yes and I have a four year old son.

MTO: Would you like your son to fight in the future?
Sanchai: If it was truly in his heart I would support him, but I wouldn't push him towards it in any way as I know how hard a life it is.

MTO: Do you have any interests outside of boxing?
Sanchai: yes I like to play and watch football

MTO: Do you follow any particular team or player?
Sanchai: Yes I like Real Madrid and Ronaldo

MTO: Finally what advice would you give to any of the readers overseas as to how they can become an exceptional fighter like yourself?
Sanchai: Firstly it has to be in your heart. You have to be determined. I always set myself goals and try to beat them all the time. If I go for a run I set it for 10 kilometres and try to run 11 or 12 and refuse to be beat when I feel tired at the 8 Kilometre mark. I apply this attitude to all my training. When it comes to technique, work on it over and over again until you have mastered it. The most important thing for me is technical sparring, I always tried to do as much as possible throughout my career and think it should be the most important part of any ones training. You should try and spar with as many people as you can, spar in a controlled manner so you are learning not just using brute strength. When you get to a good level always look for fighters better than you to work with and learn from. When I was coming up I used to spar as much as I could with Somrak and Robert Gannorasing and Wanwiset Gannorasing who were some of the biggest names in Muaythai at the time. This helped shape me into the fighter I am today

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