Dear Friends in Sport,

Mladen Brestovac will not be able to fight against Azem on 13.12.2003 in Winterthur. During last training he injured his arm.

New opponent for Azem will be: Attila Koracs from Hungary. Attila was all the time Reserve Fighter for Crane Fight Night. He is well prepared ah he hopes like Azem to win his first World Champion Title in Superheavyweight.

Attila's profile:
Age: 22 years, height: 1,97m, age: 22 years
Records: 30F, 24 Win (8.K.O.), 5 Lost, 1D
Titels: "King of the Ring" - European Champion, Super Heavyweight - 21.03.2003
Famous oppenents: Jan Muller, Thomas van Hosdonk, Remi Bojanski

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